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Phil Beer

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Added by: Terry_42394

From 19:30pm to 23:00pm

On: Thursday, Jul 11th 2019
Uxbridge Royal Naval Association
  • From 19:30pm to 23:00pm
  • 388b Long Lane, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB10 9PG
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One half of "Show of Hands"; Phil Beer is very much in demand as an accompanist and producer by just about everyone, but now touring solo and getting rave reviews. 'Phil is one of the most popular ambassadors for acoustic roots music. A dazzling instrumentalist, he is perhaps best known as a top flight fiddler.' The Truth by Phil himself: "Whilst that may be the perception, I would actually take issue with that statement. I didnít write it. Iím very good at what I do. The trick is to design what you do in order to accommodate your limitations. Thats why I donít teach. I leave that to the pros. Iím too busy gigging or making albums anyway. Please stop asking me! The perpetual problem of being a Z list muso/celebrity is how to describe yourself. The most onerous task of all is trying to big yourself up and exaggerate past exploits. Iíve now been Ďon the roadí for 45 years. Iím amazed Iím still standing. Iíve made hundreds of albums with bands/singers/ musicians and done gigs with them. Some are world famous, some youíve never heard of. The dumbest and most pathetic thing in existence is to see a musician's C.V. that lists the people that they may just have been with on the same bill on the same day at some festival as people that theyíve Ďworked withí. Whilst I ache in the places I used to play (L Cohen!), Iím still up for what is about to happen, not what has been and gone. Hopefully, myself and my compatriots have more to contribute yet before we shuffle off. This is why my catchphrase is "Phil Beer. Plays guitar and fiddle, sings a bit. Sums it up."

The music starts at 8 oíclock usually with a 45 minute set by the support act followed by the first half of the headlinerís set at about 8:45. When you first encounter the Uxbridge Royal Naval Association hut that serves as home for the Uxbridge Folk Club you could be forgiven for thinking that maybe you might not have found the right place. It is located in the middle of a car-park just a 5 minute walk from Hillingdon Station on the London Underground, and its resemblance to a World War II barracks with its anti-aircraft gun standing guard outside looks rather unpromising and a little foreboding. However, looks can be deceiving; this is a venue much beloved by performers and patrons alike. We pride ourselves on the eclectic nature of our acts and each week can be very different. We try to put on world-class headliners and encourage up-and-coming acts (such as Donovan in 1960-something!) We like to encourage floor-spots and we have had some great performances. We generally meet on the last Thursday of the month. So come along and experience a unique venue and a warm welcome from the usual crowd - including the sailor who lurks in the corner, mourning, from inside his coffin, the passing of the rum tot!

Entry £15 (members £12)

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