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Take Your Service Online Within A Week from West London SEO

Added on: 23rd April, 2020 by Kira_50215

Take Your Service Online Within A Week from West London SEO

Last Updated:
Thu, 23 April 2020

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How are you dealing with the unbelievable business impact resulting from Coronavirus?

Maybe you have been looking with dismay at the support that’s been made available to your business to weather the storm? It’s now clear that you need to transition your services online delivery to adapt and cope with the current lockdown conditions that are sadly affecting so many local businesses.

Maybe you’re one of the many business owners who have already started making the shift to online services, but are finding it difficult to arrange payments or to effectively manage scheduling and attendance?

Or perhaps you deliver talks or sermons to large groups and are really hurting at the lack of attendance or ability to collect donations?

My name is Chris McNamara and I’m the author of the upcoming book, “Clicks To Customers: The Book On Digital Marketing”. I’m also a local Uxbridge resident and keen to help other local businesses any way I can by leveraging my 15+ years experience running major technology and web-based services, such as the Gas Safety Register, Environment Agency Flood Warnings, and many others.

Here at my online success agency, we have developed a range of new and inexpensive offerings that could see your business or faith-based organisation transition to online delivery within a single week. For example:

You could upgrade your current website to be able to manage the full workflow of letting a customer: find an available time slot, pay for the relevant service online, confirm the appointment, set up the session in Zoom video conferencing so that both business and customer simply need to click on the link when they get their reminder that the meeting is about to start.
You could have a brand new online sermon website up and running, allowing single click entry to join the congregation online, real time donation requests and online payment, and prior sermons recorded and available for replay online.

Whatever your product or service, if you need to trade through this current crisis, there is almost no business or organisation for whom online enablement cannot improve your current situation. In some cases, you will find that you NEVER want to go back to doing certain things face-to-face!

For a limited time, I am making 1 hour of my personal time available every day, exclusively for local business owners, to have a no-obligation consultation to discuss their current circumstances and to together devise a solution that might just make the difference for you. Here’s the booking link:

Hopefully I’ll be speaking with you soon, but if not, take care and good luck… this is the test of our generation, but together we can get through it stronger than ever.

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