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Top tips from a blogger on how to shop ‘social distancing’ style

Added on: 15th July, 2020 by Leigh_50559

Top tips from a blogger on how to shop ‘social distancing’ style

Last Updated:
Wed, 15 July 2020

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With shops open but fitting rooms closed for now, you might be wondering what ‘the new normal’ of shopping looks like. Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger, Sophia Sellwood, has partnered with intu Uxbridge to share her top tips for shopping effectively whilst social distancing is still in place.

1. Plan your travel
Try to travel and visit the shopping centre during off peak times, as this will make your journey and experience more relaxed. If you have the luxury of driving, then this is a good way to avoid public transport and limit your contact with others.

2. Do your research
Before setting off, make a list of what you are hoping to find. Search online for pieces you love, or see if you can find similar items, as this will help you have a more successful shopping trip. Unless you love to browse, selected brands will allow you to check stock and reserve products online for in-store collection.

3. Plan your shopping outfit
Wear something comfortable and easy to move in. Anything with excess fabric could get caught and you don’t want to be making contact with more things than you need to, and comfy shoes are a must in-case certain shops have a small queue on entry.

4. Pack your bag
Make sure you have packed all the essentials you could possibly need whilst at the shopping destination. Items may include:
• Disposable gloves
• Face covering
• Anti-bacterial gel or wipes
• Tissues
• Debit/credit card to try avoid paying in cash where possible
• Reusable shopping bags
• Your list of items to find

5. How to manage with closed changing rooms
Make a note of the sizes and styles of previous pieces that you love will help you navigate shopping without being to try items on. Do a quick measure of your chest, waist and hips – and remember to make a note of these. Then you can take a tape measure with you on your trip to check the fit of items you see and love.
If you do not have a tape measure, another option is to take a piece of clothing with you. For example, if you’re looking for a new pair of jeans, take your best fitting pair of jeans with you and hold them up against a new pair. Just remember to wash them once you return home in case they have come into direct contact with other items of clothing.

6. Be vigilant but enjoy yourself
Take care of yourself, other shoppers and staff members around the centre as everyone is learning and managing the experience differently – but remember to enjoy yourself. Shopping should always be a fun experience, and if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, grab a takeaway coffee or step outside for some fresh air.

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